The $39.99 wrist blood pressure monitor
WrisTech blood pressure monitor
The $39.99 wrist blood pressure monitor

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Wrist. The $39.99 Blood pressure monitor

We've all seen blood pressure monitor prices. They are enough to give most people high blood pressure. Until now.

Wrist have brought down the price to $39.99

Like most others, Wrist blood pressure monitors are made in the Far East where manufacturing is cheaper, unlike others, Wrist have decided to share their savings with you.

So what do you get in a $39.99 blood pressure monitor? The same as in a $100 one and more.
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  • Systolic & Diastolic Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Date & Time
  • Memory Recall
See for yourself, just look at the picture of the Wrist blood pressure monitor.

See how small and dinky it is on your wrist?

See that grey button?

A simple press and the Wrist blood pressure monitor does the testing and thinking.

In less than a minute you will know your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate

See the clear large number readout and simple to put on velcro straps? The Wrist blood pressure monitor is fine for all ages.

Wrist even monitors your blood pressure over time. There's an inbuilt time stamp and automatic memory to show the last 48 readings.

This means you can monitor your blood pressure over time.

Having your own blood pressure monitor is a good idea. At $39.99 for the Wrist blood pressure monitor, it is a great idea.

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wrist blood pressure monitor

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