The $39.99 wrist blood pressure monitor
WrisTech blood pressure monitor
The $39.99 wrist blood pressure monitor

Stress Management Technique
Biofeedback using Wrist blood pressure monitors.

stress management technique Our stress management technique involves learning how to reduce stress levels by watching the body's reactions.

When you are stressed your brain triggers the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones into your body.

This is a signal for your heart to pump more (increased pulse) and your arteries to constrict.

More blood, smaller vessels means increased blood pressure.

As you know, we can to some extent control our bodies using our brains.

Which is where our stress management technique comes in.

stress management technique Take your blood pressure and pulse rate using the Wrist blood pressure monitor and press the memory button so that the monitor remembers your reading.

Calm yourself and focus on relaxing.

Retake blood pressure and pulse.

stress management technique Repeat, watching the blood pressure monitor readings.

Like a game, you will find the more you relax, the more your blood pressure and pulse rate readings will be reduced.

stress management technique This is called biofeedback, and by controlling the monitor, you are learning to control your pulse and blood pressure and stress.

Using this stress management technique, you will learn how to control your stress responses, and the release of stress hormones and better cope with the physical side of stress.

The stress management technique once learnt can then be used wherever you are even without Wrist blood pressure monitor.

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